"Anne is the SAP Masters Programme Director and brings with her a wealth of business and coaching acumen. Anne excels at creating the conditions for the team to break their silo's thinking, start sharing ideas and good practices, even emotions and insights."

Axel Ferreyrolles, SAP, Global GCO University, Global GCO University, Franchise Enablement Program Lead

“Anne was consistently thoughtful, challenging and inspiring in every interaction I had with her. She consistently brought insight, experience and thought leadership, which was not only instrumental in helping me pass my Masters, it was also instrumental in helping me develop and execute on projects that drove significant value to my teams and my business.
A great coach and a fantastic person.”

Paul Devlin, GM, SAP Ariba, EMEA & MEE

"A true listener and a professional, Anne’s coaching is very valuable in my opinion because first she is a caring and patient person. Calm, thoughtful, she managed to improve my ability to reflect deeply and force myself to not only analyse a situation but listen to my inner core and spirit before putting up a plan. This behaviour is excellent and even though we were on the phone most of the time, she made me feel at ease and laid back in order to reach a real state of concentration during our conversations.

Anne has never been judgmental when I shared my learning practice’s success, failure or doubts. With this she has helped me find my own way to develop my talent and stay positive and motivated.

What really surprised me is how good coaching can get the best out of us. After our conversations I was feeling rejuvenated with new and clearer ideas. Even though none were suggested by Anne, her true ability to question and listen to me led to such results."

Brice FAURE, Director, Solutions Analytics SAP

“Working with Anne has been my first coaching experience, I was skeptical about the outcome as speaking about personal issues is not always easy. Even if I only met her first through a video conference I immediately felt comfortable in the conversation, it was not only about listening but also the fact that Anne was able to connect, understand my personality and open the environment in order to set my expectation and assist me where I needed. The thing I valued the most was the trusted environment that she was able to set, the ability to let me think out loud and give me some suggestion based on her experience. At the end of the call I always had few action point I could put into practice, everything was related to my needs and her support helped me in putting things in the right perspective and focus on the things I needed the most. I feel that I’ve received much more than I expected, the journey was intense but I can say that I have learned something about myself.”

Alberto Yates, Hotels Regional Manager – Oceania, Booking.com (Australia)

“What surprised me was that I could change so quickly. I expected that it would take half a year and be too expensive and I wasn’t certain whether it would be worth it. In fact I was surprised that it only took 8 sessions to make a major shift in how I was behaving.”

Heike Schnell, MD of Wellicious, an SME Leisurewear Company