Insight for leaders

Specialising in the delivery of a broad range of leadership development and coaching based services for organisational teams and individuals. Operating across the UK and internationally.

Anne does not have a ‘service’ or ‘product’. She has a portfolio of experience, expertise and knowledge that enables her to facilitate an individual’s or team’s thinking so that they can optimise their success. She is her product.

Depending upon the business need Anne can create a solution using a range of the following:
• Psychology based coaching and facilitation
• Latest academic research from the field of change, leadership and coaching
• Her own corporate leadership experience and business acumen spanning 18 years

Each programme is tailored precisely to the client and organisational needs – with the aim of delivering real, sustainable results.

Let’s explore how Anne’s integrated approach can assist your organisation. Do any of these statements sound familiar?

You wish to inspire extraordinary performance
To support you and your teams to become more innovative and creative, while ensuring they don’t burn out.
You want to create a positive culture and greater collaboration
To support leaders and teams to develop a positive and appreciative culture that will lead to greater creativity, collaboration and engagement.
You or your leaders want to find the next competitive edge
For already successful executives who wish to go beyond the boundaries of their current formula for success to new levels of attainment.
You face a major change initiative
To take people successfully through change – to achieve real, binding commitment and to ensure the change sustains.
Your leaders need to coach as well as lead
To work with groups of leaders to support them through learning and embedding a coaching style of management – so that they become inspired to coach and it’s not just a “tick-box” exercise.
Your organisation is challenged by managing virtual and multi-cultural teams
To support a leader who is successful in the face-to-face, mono-cultural environment to make the shift to high performance in a virtual inter-cultural situation.
You want your leaders to have greater impact
To work with individuals to develop an authentic leadership style; one that works with the grain of their personality, yet also meets organisational needs.

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